We are driven by E-Mobility.

Providing the next level of charging

The current rapid development and continuously growing market penetration of electric mobility causes an increase in the demand for high-power fast charging solutions.

The availability of mobile fast charging infrastructure will enable a more flexible utilization of various forms of electric mobility and enable their operation in areas and use-cases where stationary fast charging infrastructure cannot be provided. The growing degree of electrification within mobility will not only be associated automobiles but will also find its applications at sea and in the air.

MFC Solutions: Our vision



Enabling the recharging of an electric vessel, an electric vehicle or an electric aircraft at any location without access to stationary high-power charging infrastructure will open up many possibilities in terms of use. This is what the products and services of MFC GmbH are designed to enable by providing transportable mobile fast charging solutions to any location needed.

This is what we offer.

Our Products

customized branding

Innovative mobile fast charging solutions with individual customer branding according to your company's CI.


Providing green energy based on renewable resources to power electrified mobility.

tailormade charging solutions

Mobile fast charging solutions designed to address your specific needs and requirements.

full service

Worldwide provision of mobile fast charging solutions including setup and onsite support.

Future electric mobility.

Targeted applications

Our products and services are designed to provide transportable mobile fast charging solutions to various forms of electric mobility at any location needed.

Our Services: Four steps to

mobile fast charging

Step No.



.. your requirements to the mobile fast charging sytem in cooperation with our experts at MFC GmbH.

Step No.


We design and build...

.. a tailor made solution based on your reqiurements and provide you with the necessary hardware solution to charge your application.

Step No.


We service...

... a custom solution, fitting all your needs, setup and offer you on-site support.

Step No.


You profit...

... by enjoying electric mobility at any location worldwide.

Let's work together.